What is Laminating Film?
A sheet of laminating film is composed of various layers of plastic. The harder layer is on the outside and the softer layer is on the inside. Combined, these layers make up the mil thickness. Outside the US, laminating film is measured in microns.

The hard outer layer is usually made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and the softer inner layer is made out of EVA plastic (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). Occasionally a combination of PET plastic, PE (Polyethylene Plastic) and EVA plastic are all used together. The ration of PET, EVA and PE plastic will change the hardness of film.

Laminating Film needs to be used together with Laminator. The laminating process relates to the film thickness, laminator speed, pressure and temperature.

Why Laminating?
Documents and photos color are easily to fading after long time storage. When laminating through laminator, the glue will be melt and make the film and paper combine together. To protect laminated materials from water, color fading, altering, eroding, sunshine exposure and oxidation. In this way, laminated materials can be used and stored for longer period of time. Meanwhile, the color and image become more vivid.

At present, our laminating pouch film are widely used for laminating ID card, driving license, pass permit, representative card, business license, documents, photos, menus and all kinds of paper materials. Laminating roll film is widely used for advertisement and large size display materials.
Laminating Film Size and Thickness
When choose the laminating film, size and thickness are the key factors. Size can be customized according to different country markets requirements. Regular size in different markets refers to the below details.



Laminating film thickness called micron or mil, it was composed of PET, EVA and PE. The composition of thickness is detailed in below Table 1.

Table 1. Laminating film thickness composition
Thickness 60MIC 75MIC 80MIC 100MIC 125MIC 150MIC 175MIC 200MIC 225MIC 250MIC
PET/EVA 38/22 38/37 50/30 50/50 75/50 75/75 100/50 100/75 125/75 125/100 125/125 150/100

The ratio of PET, EVA, and PE determine the hardness of film. Different hardness of film is suitable for different kinds of materials lamination. The common thickness can be used for different materials refers to below Table 2.

Table 2. The reasonable thickness used in daily life
Thickness (MIC/MIL) Recommended Uses
Paper and documents used in everyday Photos Certificates Menus External Signage and Display
How to laminate
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