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Yulong Yancheng tourism in 2021

Yulong Yancheng tourism in 2021

In order to relax the state of employees and expand their horizons, YULONG organized the 4.25 Yancheng tour, which lasted for 2 days.

On the first day, we visited Anfeng ancient town. We like the style of Jiangnan Water town and plain ancient town a lot. In the afternoon, we visited the Dutch flower sea and felt the magnificent scene of Dutch tulips in full bloom. In the evening, we visited Xixi ancient town.

The next day, we came to Huanghai National Forest Park, the largest plain forest in East China. A row of drainpipe fir lined up, like an iron soldier, standing on this land full of charm.

At this time, overlooking these green trees, everyone's nervous feeling and the fatigue of the eyes disappear at once.

Through this interaction, some new employees can integrate into the group more quickly. They talk and laugh, take photos and share the delicious food together. In this activity, the leaders of the company also try some interesting activities with the employees, such as charm swing, big adventure, etc. The scene atmosphere is very harmonious. After the event, we went to the local restaurant to taste the local food.

Travel is short, but it's wonderfuel and significant. It makes our employees relax wholeheartedly and put into work in a better state after the activity. At the same time, this activity also improved the team cohesion of Yulong employees!

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