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2022 annual Spring Festival meeting

The annual Spring Festival meeting of Yulong plastic was grandly held in Yixing Guanlin international hotel on the January 22, 2022.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, zhouweiru, general manager of Yulong plastic, made a 2021 summary speech and 2022 work outlook. Zhouweiru, the general manager, said that Yulong plastic had made great achievements in the past year. She sincerely thanked everyone in Yulong for their dedication and strong support. At the same time, she expressed her vision for 2022 and encouraged everyone to move forward bravely in 2022.

At the dinner party, the colleagues of all departments and their respective directors showed their talents on the stage. During the performance, the lottery and games were interspersed, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the employees, and pushed the atmosphere of the scene to another high tide.

Of course, the most exciting part of the annual meeting is the lottery. Beautiful gifts such as iPad tablet computers, electric cars, washing machines, microwave ovens and so on are constantly sent out.

Let us move forward bravely in 2022!

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