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Yulong women weijia celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

Yulong  women's weijia hosted the activity of "affectionate zongzi, celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival"

The annual Dragon Boat Festival has arrived as scheduled. The first zongzi making competition of "deep feeling zongzi , celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival" was hold by Yulong  women's weijia. After careful preparation at the earliest time, 24 contestants were selected to participate in this competition

1. The staff will distribute about 2 kilograms of glutinous rice, a corresponding number of meat slices and candied dates to each person. The contestants need to use the above materials to wrap zongzi with uniform size and unlimited shape.

2. The judges take "speed, quantity, appearance and quality" as the evaluation criteria, and the wrapped zongzi with no stuffing, tight wrapping and regular shape as the effective counting results. Within 30 minutes, the person must pack 10 zongzi before calculating the score.

3. At the beginning of the competition, all the members wrap 10 zongzi and ring the bell at the referee's table to finish the binding.

The activity of "deep feeling zongzi, celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival" has come to a complete end. Here, I would like to thank the Yulong workers for their active participation and the company's high-level support for our activities.

On this traditional festival, I wish you all good health, and good luck in the Dragon Boat Festival.

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