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2022 physical examination

The health of employees is the company's greatest wealth and the cornerstone of the company's stable development. In order to ensure the health of employees, and create a good working and living environment, Yulong organized all employees to carry out free physical examination activities on Nov19th.

The physical examination starts at 7:30 in the morning. Employees register their basic information on the first floor of the office building, and then go to the second floor to get the physical examination form for physical examination. The employees shall be rotated to ensure production and physical examination.

The physical examination process was in order, including blood routine examination, blood pressure examination, B ultrasound, electrocardiogram and X-ray. For workshop employees, hearing and other examinations have also been added.Considering that employees need an empty stomach for physical examination, the company specially prepared a rich breakfast. After the physical examination, the company timely replenished energy for employees to warm their stomachs and hearts!

Due to the special equipment, X-ray and hearing examination should be carried out in the hospital. The local weather changed from overcast to light rain. In order to ensure the safety of employees, the company arranged special vehicles to pick up and send off in batches. The site was in good order and the physical examination was completed successfully.

Hope all Yulong people can devote themselves to their work and life with healthy physique and full enthusiasm, and create a better future together with Yulong.

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